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February Special Offer 60mins to meet your specific needs

60 minutes Customised Massage


Choose from one of our customised massages to indulge yourself in a relaxing and comfortable environment, and get the ultimate massage experience that can fulfill your individual needs


- Deep Tissue Massage: it can help you loosen tense muscle and relax your mind, and uses the forearms and elbows as well as the hands to unwind knots and tightness from your muscles

- Swedish Massage: it involves long, flowing strokes up and down the body, and is designed to ease tense muscles and calm your mind

- Aromatherapy Massage: it combines the deeply relaxing strokes of Swedish massage with tantalising Elemis Aromatherapy Oils to relieve tension in the muscles and calm your mind

- Remedial Sports Massage:  it is a strong pressured massage, your therapist will seek to diagnose and relieve problematic knots, tightness and other specific ailments in your muscles.



60 mins

Only $69

Value $100