Elemis Day Spa Treatments, Varda Spa -  Sydney, Australia

Day Spa Body Treatments

Luxurious treatments with the same ingredients used in leading 5-star hotels

Our day spa body treatment offer an incredible experience, fusing powerful massage sequences with exotic active ingredients to deliver total mind and body indulgence.


Let nature's most talented exfoliators and skin hydrators - rice, bamboo, mineral rich salts, frangipani oil, wheat germ essential oils and more - leave your skin silky soft and smooth.


Relax as the amazing aromas of frangipani, coconut, cedar wood and other exotic ingredients stimulate your mind. We use the same ingredients used by top 5-star hotel spas worldwide.



Tranquil Body Rice Exfoliation

A gentle, stimulating scrub to cleanse and nourish your skin 

Your skin is cleansed and smoothed with a senuous blend of rice beads, capuacu butter and essential oils of passionflower, sweet almonds, patchoui, ginger and cedar wood. A scalp massage relaxes the mind. An indulgent lotion leaves your skin silky soft. 

30 mins $80

  • For deeply cleansed and nourished skin
  • Enjoy a relaxing scalp massage

Nourishing Rice Bamboo Body Rice Polish

Stimulates and cleanses youe skin smooth with a nourishing scrub

Your skin is deeply cleansed and gentle polished with a blend of natural exfoliators, rice and bamboo and nourished with a creamy blend of sweet almond, macadamia and wheat germ essential oils in a vitamin rice milk protein base to leave your skin velvety soft.

30 mins $80

  • For smooth, soft, radiant skin
  • Enjoy a relaxing scalp massage

Radiant Lime Ginger Salt Body Scrub

An invigorating scrub for deeply cleansed and glowing skin

Oil drizzled luxuriously over your body allows a sublime mix of lime and ginger salt to cleanse, polish and revitalise your skin to perfection. A relaxing facial massage and nourishing body lotion leave your skin soft and supple from head to toe.   


30 mins $80

  • For deeply cleansed and glowing skin
  • Enjoy a relaxing facial and scalp massage

Elemis Exotic Frangipani Body Nourish Wrap

An exquisite monoi to drench your skin in long-lasting moisture 

Tahitian coconut and frangipani flowers soaked together produce a monoi, poured all over your body. Enjoy a deeply relaxing facial and scalp massage while cocooned in a wrap with this nourishing blend, delivering the ultimate all over body glow. 

60 mins                  $110

  • Drench your skin in long-lasting moisture
  • Enjoy a relaxing facial and scalp massage

Exotic Frangipani Coconut Body Smooth

An exquisite skin softening body Scrub

This incredible scrub leaves your skin smoother, softer and delicately fragranced. Natural hibiscus flower petals and mineral rich salts cleanse, purify and soften your skin while coconut and  frangipani oil leave your skin richly hydrated.


30 mins $80

  • For deeply cleansed and glowing skin

Revitalising Lime Foot Spa

A lively blend of lime essential oil and cleansing salts to revitalise your feet

Your feet are soaked in a warm, revitalising bath of refreshing salts and lime and essential oils before a deep cleansing salt scrub is applied to thoroughly smooth your feet. 

10 mins $20

  • Invigorating salt scrub
  • Refreshing lime essential oils