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Massage Day Spa, Sydney City CBD

Legendary Thai massage skills

Enjoy a deeply relaxing massage in our luxuriously quiet and air conditioned Sydney City CBD Spa. Relax in your own spacious, private treatment room and enjoy a shower before and/or after your massage. 


To deliver the quality deep relaxation you expect, our staff hold Australian qualifications and are trained by Thai trainers or in Thailand, where therapeutic massage skills have been perfected over generations. 


Health Fund Rebates

We are accredited to offer health fund rebates for remedial massage with HICAPS instant claims processing. Please book and inform us in advance to help us ensure availability for you.

Customised Massage

Relax in a spacious, private treatment room at our Sydney CBD spa.

Deep Tissue Massage (firm)

A strong oil massage to ease tight muscles

Strong pressure applied in deep, long strokes to ease tight muscles and leave you feeling relaxed and invigorated. More on Deep Tissue Massage›

60 mins $100


  • Medium to strong pressure 
  • Fingers and reflexology stick
  • Oil or cream used

90 mins $145

Swedish Massage (gentle)

A gentle oil massage to relax your body

Light to medium pressure applied with long, deeply relaxing strokes to loosen tense muscles and relax your mind. More on Swedish massage›

60 mins $100

  • Light to medium pressure 
  • Massage oil used


90 mins $145

Aromatherapy Massage (gentle)

Aromatherapy oils to tantalise your senses

Your aromatherapy massage can be firm (deep tissue) or gentle (Swedish). Select from a tantalising range of Elemis Pure Essential Aromatherapy OIls to stimulate and relax your mind.


1. Lavender: Relaxes your body and creates a haven of peace

2. Rosewood: Stimulates and lifts your mood, or

3. Lime: Refreshes and energises your mind and body

More on aromatherapy massage›

60 mins $100

  • Light to medium preassure
  • Aromatherapy oil used

90 mins $145

Remedial Sports Massage (firm)

Diagnose and treat specific ailments

A focused massage to diagnose and treat tight muscles, knots and other specific ailments throughout the body using a variety of techniques. More on remedial massage›

60 mins $100

  • Strong pressure
  • Massage oil used

90 mins $145

Specialty Massage

Try something special

Varda Signature Massage

A strong and deeply relaxing massage with an exquisite oil blend

A powerful and luxurious indulgence you must try at least once. We combine strong, deep tissue strokes with centuries old Thai stretches to invigorate and renew your muscles. 


An exquisite mix of warm Elemis Exotic Frangipani Monoi Body Oil is used to indulge your senses and leave your skin feeling silky soft. 

60 mins $130

90 mins $180

  • Medium to strong pressure
  • Thai Body Stretches
  • Exquisite Elemis Exotic Frangipani Monoi Body Oil used

Hot Stone Massage

A deeper massage aided by heat to relax and alleviate ailments

A luxurious remedy for tight muscles and knots. Strong, deeply relaxing massage strokes are applied with warm oil. Hot basalt lava stones applied to specific points enable a deeper massage to leave your muscles feeling loose and relaxed. 

60 mins $120

90 mins $160

  • Medium pressure
  • Hot stones
  • Massage oil used

Traditional Thai Massage

A famous, centuries-old massage to invigorate the body

This centuries old therapy combines firm compressions with unique yoga like stretches to invigorate the body - performed through clothing (pijamas provided) without oil. More on Thai massage›

60 mins $80

Invigorating strong pressure Pyjamas provided Thai body stretches No oil used

90 mins $120

Lime Foot Spa 

Foot Spa is beneficial in proper blood circulation, Blood circulation is improved by a foot spaFoot Spa helps in relieving stress, It is known that a foot spa can help you relieve the stress and tensions of the entire day and make you relax.

10 min    $25 

Reflexology Foot Massage

An intensely relaxing experience

This intensely relaxing therapy relieves stress in ways you may never have felt before, stimulating specific points on your feet and lower legs to ease away tension and leave you feeling light on your feet. More on reflexology foot massage›

30 mins $50

  • Medium to strong pressure
  • Fingers and reflexology stick
  • Oil or cream used

60 mins $80

Indian Head Massage

Heightened stress relief

A stress relief massage of the head, face and neck to leave your mind feeling clearer. Popular for migraines and headaches. 

30 mins $50

  • Medium pressure
  • No oil used


Tension Relief Head & Foot Reflexology Massage

Focused relaxation therapy 

This deep relaxation massage start with a stress-relieving Indian Head massage of your head,  face and neck, followed by an intense, tension-easing foot reflexology massage, stimulating specific points on your feet and lower legs to induce relaxation. 

30 mins $60

  • Medium pressure
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Reflexology Foot Massage


60 mins $100

Pregnancy Massage

A well deserved pampering

Please see our Pregnancy page for massage, body and facial treatments tailored to Mothers to be.

Pregnancy: For the Mum to be

Couples Massage

Spa together. Stay together.

We have three couples rooms for massage and spa treatments. Our staff can help you book one in advance.

Couples Massage Room and Day Spa