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This Week Special Offers

10-min Foot Spa + 60-min Customised Massage + 30-min Your Choice of Indian Head Massage or Foot Reflexology Massage  - ONE person


100 min of deeply-rejuvenating indulgence.


10-min Foot Spa (normally $20)

Soak your foot in warm water for 5 min then scrub with foot salt scrub. 


60-min Customised Massage (normally $100)

- Aromatherapy Massage (gentle, relaxation)

- Swedish Massage (gentle)

- Remedial Sport Massage (firm)

- Deep Tissue Massage (firm to hard)


30-min Choice of Indian Head Massage or Foot Reflexology Massage (normally $40, $50)

Indian head massage - A stress relief massage of the head, face and neck to leave your mind feeling clearer. Popular for migraines and headaches.

Foot reflexology - This intensely relaxing therapy relieves stress in ways you may never have felt before, stimulating specific points on your feet and lower legs to ease away tension and leave you feeling light on your feet.



100 mins
Only $89 for ONE person
Value $170