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This Week Special Offers


10-min Foot Spa + 60-min Nourishing Body Wrap + 60-min Customised Massage + 30-min Tension Relief Head & Foot Massage + 30-min Facial - ONE person


3hr 10min of deeply-rejuvenating indulgence.


10-min Fot Spa 

Soak your foot in warm water then scrub with lime salt scrub.


60-min Nourishing Body Wrap

This body wrap can leave your skin super-hydrated and moisturise, and leave you feel deeply relaxed whilst the oils work into the skin. Also, your skin elasticity is restored and you will feel emotionally grounding. It is excellent post holiday or post pregnancy.

It can provide intensive moisturisation for thirsty skin. An emotionally grounding experience for skin that has never felt silkier.


60-min Customised Massage 

- Aromatherapy Massage (gentle, relaxation)

- Swedish Massage (gentle)

- Remedial Sport Massage (firm)

- Deep Tissue Massage (firm to hard)


30-min Tension Relief Head & Foot Massage

This deep relaxation massage start with a stress-relieving Indian Head massage of your head,  face and neck, followed by an intense, tension-easing foot reflexology massage, stimulating specific points on your feet and lower legs to induce relaxation. 


30-min Elemis Taster Facial 

Elemis has been at the forefront of innovative breakthroughs for over 25 years. Delivering scientific solutions to every skin concern, Elemis combines dedicated research with medical grade formulas and the most dynamic active ingredients in the world.


3 hr 10 mins
Only $189 for ONE person
Value $330